Welcome to East Sussex School of Circus Arts Residency Program, where we offer an ideal artistic development for professional circus artists worldwide.
We are a recently developed School who have a fresh concept and are enthusiastic in relation to interacting and creating more with our community. 


Our General Requirements 
  •  Artists are to be 18 years or older.
  •  Require a valid Passport or ID card. 
  •  Artist MUST present themselves in a respectable way.
  • Artist will abide by all points stated in a contract that will be provided.
Please note: The Residency Program will be regularly reviewed

What is included? 
Tent 1 
Use of PA system 
Accommodation ( one fully equipped caravan with the choice of a single or double) 
Parking Included 
Use at the weekends. 
To find out more information or to apply for an Artistic Residence with East Sussex School of Circus Arts, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@eastsussexschoolofcircusarts.co.uk


Tent 1)  18 Meters Big Top                                                                  Tent 2) 24 Meters Big Top